America the great

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America is a beautiful country filled with diverse people and cultures. It has many historical sights an unique areas but here are some facts that most people don’t know.

  1.  One of the most deadliest jobs in america is the post as president
  2.  Lake Superior is so large that if we were to dump out the whole lake it would cover all of north and south america in one foot of water.
  3. One of ten Americans could have a bloodline resulting back to the original 102 pilgrims
  4. Americans sell enough pizza a day to cover 100 acres
  5. Our current american flag was design by a 17 year old in 1958 as a school project he got a B-

I got this picture of the american flag from flickr kln2119


  1. carinasgms23 says:

    The most intresting fact is the first fact because it’s just intresting that running for president could be so dangerous I really did not know that just being president that is just terrible.

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