St Patrick day

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Have you ever wondered why we celebrate saint Patrick day. why we wear green and pinch people if they don’t. It all started with saint Patrick he was considered the patron saint of Ireland but was actually born in a roman Britain town sometime around the 4th century.  Patrick was not Irish and his name wasn’t even Patrick It was Maewyn Succat but he didn’t like that name so he chooses to be called Patrick.  Patrick was captured by Irish pirates when he was 16 and was enslaved for 6 years as a Sheppard. He then escaped and got captured again one Patrick was sent back to Britain Patrick then he had a vision to bring Christianity to the Irish people patrick then made his way to Ireland but is preaching were not excepted so he was force to live on a small island of the coast of Ireland. He then started gaining followers and moved to the mainland to spread Christianity for many years to come to Christianize  ideologies all across Ireland for many years to come.  the holiday st Patrick day started as a religious celebration in the 17th century to commemorate the life of st patrick and the                                                                arrival of Christianity.


blog 5 update

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I didn’t accomplish much this week I did start practicing my elevator speech with my speech therapist. Other than that I starting to write my first blog on wireless tuning.  the blog will cover getting the soft ware and basic wireless information I am hoping to have that blog out by next week so all you guys can read it. I also accomplished writing this blog so I guess that’s another thing that was accomplished.

i feel like i have an easy project compared to other groups other groups are making people aware of different cancer. Though other groups are doing harder projects I feel like I am trying to help a really important issue but not as important as there. I think i’m about where i need to be on my elevator speech I am practicing and preparing for my video which isn’t due tell the Friday after Friday. I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot in my project and I’ll make my project a success.

my goals to accomplish In the next few weeks is to start writing the blogs and post one every week. I’m debating on weather or not to write all the logs and post them all at once so you don’t have to read one wait a week to read the next blog. I hope to start writing my end of the year speech as soon as i can  so i can practice it so i will be ready because I never did a speech with an audience that big. I thing the weeks leading up to the big speech are going to be the hardest.

On issue am running into is lack of audience. I’m not getting enough people reading my blogs so when i write my blogs about wireless tuning it won’t help as nearly as much people as i want it to. so if any body is reading this can you let friends or family know about my upcoming blog on wireless tuning. another thing i’m running into is i am having trouble trying to write my blogs with lack of pictures and videos so i am going to start adding pictures and videos to my blog on wireless tuning so when you guys read it t will be easy to understand.

A new step

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This week had been an exciting week I change my project. As you guys probably already know I was going to provide a service were I would go to people house and tune their WiFi for the best experience. My mentor A.K.A my dad, he has been helping me but he didn’t know that I’ll be going to strangers house’s to tune their WiFi. So me and my mentor brainstorm ideas and deiced on a idea that my P.B.L mathematics teacher suggested. I would write blogs for the public to see on how to tune your own WiFi for the best experience.                                                                                                                                     I hope to accomplish a lot this week and I hope its not more than I can handle. I want to finish the elevator pitch outline and the script. If you don’t know already the 20 percent project has a series of project like assignments inside of it there was the proposal speech which was proposing our ideas. Now where working on another assignment called the elevator pitch where we give a persuasive speech and video tape it for our teachers to see. So I going to try to finish the outline for the elevator speech and write my script by next Friday.                                                                                                                        For this project I feel over whelmed because I changed my idea.I do think the blog will be a Little bit easier because I wont have to go over to people house and if I don’t know how to fix something I wont be on the spot with the liability. I feel that once I get caught up with my project that it wont be so overwhelming but I am excited about what will happen next. I hope my project will be a success and help many people in my community.

20 percent project blog 3

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Nothing really happen this week for my 20 percent project.  started my elevator pitch that I will give to somebody that can help me financially. This weekend I will help neighbors with there networks so I will have somebody word when meet the person who can help me. I hope to be able to be successful when helping these neighbors and eventually expand to all of Boone county. I don’t know what to expect once I’m out there but I guessing its going to be tough because I never done something this big. If I’m a big hit then I’ll probably have to get more organize to know where to be at what times.

wireless routers


20 percent project blog 2

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Hi as you probably know my pbl class project based learning class and my English langue arts class have team up to do a 20 percent project. In the 20 percent project we are given 20 percent of our time to do something that were interested in to help the community. For my project i´m doing a home WiFi tuning project. Iḿ happy about how the project has been going so far  have my mentor and getting right on to the problems that we´ll soon face. Iḿ working on my elevator pitch a project pitch to someone that can invested in my project in some way. Once I start doing it in my neighborhood I will have to find someone who can help me financally to expand my service outside of my neighborhood. I have organized a timeline of how i want my project plays out below. I am really excited about what the future cold hold


1/27 Elevator pitch and use neighbors as clients
2/10 Finished elevator speech
2/24 Meet my person for elevator pitch and start flyers
3/10 Have started handing out fliers
3/24 Have continued getting clients
4/7 Started working on powerpoint continue getting clients
4/21 Finish powerpoint and start working on speech continue getting clients
5/5 Finished writing an start memorizing continue getting clients
5/19 Continued memorizing continue getting clients

Week 1 of 20% project

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In my project based learning class and my English class we are dong a percent project. What is a 20 percent project you may be 390534244_3db9138593_oasking yourself, A 20 percent project is when you get 20 percent of your time at school to do something that you like. For my 20 percent project I will be working with my friend sage. We don’t know what we are doing yet but we are thinking of things that revolves around music since we are both in band. This week we have found are groups and started brainstorming for what we could do. Once we are finish brainstorming we will write proposal speeches. Some of the problems we might run into are being behind must groups are already done brainstorming and are starting on their proposal speech. Me and Sage will fix this problem by trying to meet outside of school to look for ideas so we can get started on our proposal speech. Every week we will both write blogs to inform you on what we have done and what we will be doing in the future. If you want to go to Sage’s blog visit here .

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Kentucky a winter wonderland

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Place to visit over the holidays

The holidays are all about spending time with your families, so many people spend their time going to places to spend time with there enjoy the Christmas cheer. Me and my family visit a lot of places over the holidays so here is a Kentucky guide for place to go for a very merry Christmas.

Top three place to go

My second favorite place to visit during the winter months is the festival of lights at the Cincinnati zoo. In technicality the Cincinnati  zoo isn’t in Kentucky but it is so close to Kentucky and so breath taking I had to include it. At the Cincinnati zoo you can walk around and see all the lights illuminated at night. You get to see the animals at night one of the only times of the year. You can walk around with some hot chocolate and look at the animals or ride the train all in the Cincinnati zoo is a spectacular experience.Image result for picture of festival of lights cincinnati zoo

Another one of my favorite place to go during Christmas time is the southern lights. The southern lights are located at the Kentucky horse park in Lexington. It takes you through a car and you drive by spectacular lights. When you start they give you a radio channel to turn on, that corresponds with lights you’re driving by. Once your done the fun doesn’t stop there, you get to go park your car and walk inside where you can ride camel, horse and visit a petting zoo. You can also go in a train museum with model locomotive moving trains or meet Santa! You can walk around and look at the horse monument such as Manowar I really thing the southern lights are a great place and my family will continue the tradition of going there.

These are my 2 favorite place to visit in Kentucky during the winter holiday hoped you enjoyed. What place do your families go to do on the holidays.

To learn how to get tickets for the southern lights visit this website

To learn how to get tickets for the festival of lights go to this website

The photo found above is the northern lights at Cincinnati zoo this is from

Aiming for bulleyes

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I am a community that  you might be interested in so listen up to here about a amazing community that you can join.  I am in archery we meet four times a week for a hour to practice.Image result for nasp target We shoot at 15 meters and 10 meters this distance is really small compared to how far hunters shoot from. The catch is our bows don’t have a lot of tension on them meaning we cant shoot at farther distance. We also use no sights. People might jump to the conclusion that we shoot re-curve bows, but we don’t we shoot small compound bows. Are max poundage is 20 pounds which  is one of the reason why we can’t shoot at farther distance. We have tournaments on Saturdays. Our team competes against other teams in our divisions. The division are middle school, high school, elementary school. We also compete individually for medals. In individual there are 6 divisions elementary boys, elementary girls, middle school boys, middle school girls, boy, and high schools girls.Image result for nasp bow

I really like archery but I would like to join cross country when I go to Ryle.  I would like to join cross country because me and my friend like to run. He goes to a different school and can do cross country in middle school. In my school, cross country isn’t an option. I like running farther distances because when your in a race you challenge yourself. So I might say in my head i’ll just run to the stop sign then i’ll slow down, but then you will maybe run 2 blocks farther. I also like running because it gives me time to think. these are the reason why I would want be in cross country at Ryle.

If you want to see Ryle school website.

If you want to find out how to get archery at your school. 

I got the picture of this bow from this website.

I got this picture of a N.A.S.P target at this website.

My school schedule.

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I start out my day getting on the bus at 6:54 in the morning. Are bus is so crowded that it’s hard to walk through the aisle because people are hanging on to the seats for dear life. At 7:15 we get drop off at our school in the front of the building. I walk to the band room drop of my instrument an head to the gym to sit in the bleacher with the other 6th graders. At 7:28 they let us go to are lockers and grab are stuff for 1st and 2nd period.  I go to math class from 7:35 to 8:25 then make my way to social studies. After social studies I grab my things for unified arts, my classes that switch every term. I go to my first class from 9:14 to 10:03. I then go to band, because I am in band I have band the whole year and don’t switch 4th period. After band I go to advisory. Advisory is a time when I can do homework, advisory is from 10:52 to 11:18. I then head to my 5th period class. I stay in my class till 11:50 then we head to lunch. After lunch we go back to 5th period and continue working tell 12:50. I then go to my locker and grab my stuff for 6th and 7th period. I get out of class and head to the bus. My bus typically gets me home by 3:00.

My school year as a whole consist ofGO Math! Accelerated Grade 7a dreaded first day of school in august and we go to school with no breaks tell Labor Day on September 5th which gives  us a great 3 day weekend. Then we go to school every day from Monday to Friday. This is true until teacher training day on the 7th of October and the 10th of October. We go one whole month with no extra days off , tell Election Day. You build up so much excitement and find out it is on a Tuesday, that mean no three day weekend. But November isn’t a total bus,t you get thanksgiving a few weeks after Election Day. We get off Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. That 5 day weekend is good but after it, all your mind is set on is  winter break,to weeks of no school. We get a day off on Dr Martin Luther King JR day. Then spring comes and you find that there ins’t as many breaks. Only a few teacher training days but at least there is spring break. A whole week off of school, then there is closing day on may 25th.Image result for springboard 6th grade language arts

If you want more help with math, or you wan to learn more additional math go to Khan Academy. Or if you want help with language arts you can go to no red ink

This is my Mathbook here where you can find this picture

This is my English book here where you can find this picture

Some interesting blogs and helps with commenting

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Count out three

For the count-out-three game I visited three blogs, each on totally different topics. I read about weird fruit cakes, a animal on it escape route to freedom, and a pirate stealer. I left all the links down below so you can read their whole post. so without further to do let’s get started.

I visited Ava’s post about mango cake it made me think if mango cakes are possible to make then  could there be gape cake, orange cake, or even a kiwi cake. It also mad me hungry, good thing its almost lunch. Here’s where you can find Ava’s blog. I also visited Ashana’s blog about the pirate stealer. I was interested because I normally don’t find post with short stories. It also made me have an urge to post some short stories on my blog. Here’s where you can find Ashana’s blog. I finally visited Ivelyss blog about how a pink giraffe had escape at the zoo when she was on a field trip. I had a sign of relief when she said it was a giraffe an it wasn’t a predator. Here’s where you can find Iveiyss blog.

Flip board

I read three amazing blogs from flip board magazines. I read about I gods, fast food, and the founding of my country “America”. All these seem interesting at least to me so I going to start telling you about them.

For the flip board game I visited one person blog about Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The lightning thief. I read this book by Rick Riordan myself and was interested to see what the other person thought about it. I comment to his blog about how much I liked it and how there are 9 more books that go together. here where you can find his blog. The second blog I visited was about how junk food is it good or bad. It showed passion from the author because her family had problems from junk food. you can find her blog here. The third blog  I read for my flip board was a post about the founding of america. I love social studies and the colonization of america and the american revolution. I listen to a playlist from the musical Alexander Hamilton which is a rap/ hip-hop musical explaining and giving lots of facts. I commented on his blog that I like that and how and what I learned. Here’s where you can find his blog. 


Commenting update 

I have been getting very few comments on my blog one thing I think makes this occur is being that I don’t post any additional fun blogs. I have not gotten many quality comments which makes it hard for me to comment back because it like a road block which is kind of annoying. Though, over all besides that fact that I been getting few comments and it can be annoying sometimes I like a few things about the comments. One thing is that if I comment on a popular blog everyone will see where to find my blog it’s like free publicity. Also when I comment on people blogs I can start conversation and make new friends. There is one problem like I said before about how it is annoying for someone to leave a dead end comment, sometimes it hard not to leave dead end comments and you get no conversation starters. Here are some conversation starters I found that work welly.

  1. Have you…
  2. Why did you write about this…
  3. That’s interesting but I think…

See those are just a few conversation starters so it will be easier to make those highway comments. you’ll make more friends and spend less time worrying about making dead end comments.

I found this McDonald’s picture above at this website

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